13 Films you gotta watch before turning 21!

Published August 29th, 2016 - 09:00 GMT
A scene from the film The Dreamers. (www.rivistastudio.com)
A scene from the film The Dreamers. (www.rivistastudio.com)

We’re all rebels at heart until we turn 21. Where life comes along with responsibilities and we start to take paths to live on. Some people consider turning 21 as growing old, and others see it as the key for their freedom. So for those who long for tomorrow, and those who dread growing up, this movie list will make your mind stay young forever.


Ida (2013)

Ida is a Polish movie with a message about life that is going to make you see things differently forever after.


The Reader (2008) 

An overwhelming act for a love story that will give you shivers.


Creation (2009)

Everyone heard about Darwin’s evolution theory, but have you ever heard about Darwin himself? Go back with time and jump into Darwin’s mind.


Mulholland Drive (2001)

Imagine if everything you thought you are turned out to be nothing but an illusion. Straight from Lynch’s mind and into the screen, get deep into Betty’s new compelling life where she tries to help out a stranger that she soon falls in love with.


The Dreamers (2003)

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Two teenagers from Paris driven by their passion for film, meet up with American Mathew who’s going to take a part of their living fantasy once their parents go on a trip for a month.


Cinema Paradiso (1988)

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This child that is fond by the beauty of filmmaking and cinema will take your heart away with him, only after leaving you overwhelmed.


The Machinist (2004) 

We all suffered from insomnia, for at least once in our lives. But what if you stayed up till you didn’t know what sleeping feels like anymore, and lived on with the weight of guilt on your shoulders?


Amélie (2001)

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Even though most of us are already familiar with this one, still there are lots of people who didn’t watch it – especially if you ever thought of a world that exists no where but in your own head.


A Clockwork Orange (1971)


Thrilled by Beethoven’s harmony, drunk on milk, what’s going to happen to the three brothers? Alex will foretell this story. A Kubrick’s Masterpiece. But for the weak-hearted ones, don’t judge a movie by its first 30 minutes.


Candy (2006) 

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What if you fell in love with a drug addict that’s going to turn your life upside down? Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish take us into a tale of aching and lust, where love is the only thing they have left.


Touched With Fire (2015)

Based on the director’s experience, this movie is going to put you in a state of mixed emotions that will only relay on what’s happening in each and every scene you’ll watch. You’ll find yourself relating to so many things that you might start thinking you’re insane.


The Breakfast club (1985) 

30 Reasons Why "The Breakfast Club" Is The Best Teen Movie Ever... In Honor Of Its 30th Anniversary

This one is for the misfits, the ones who no one understands, for those who hate school. The movie talks about everything a teenager goes through, everything we think of.  An amusing, realistic artwork about how life really is in our teenage years.


I Origins (2014)

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This is for when you lose someone you love. Or just in the mood for some tears.

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