17 world celebrities who visited Egypt's Great Pyramids

Published November 18th, 2015 - 08:11 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

The Great Pyramids of Giza are worldwide icons, the last-standing Ancient Wonder of the World, an undying testament of Egypt’s greatness and strength.

Many people from all over the globe fly thousands of miles to see the larger-than-life relics, and celebrities are no different. Over the years, actors, singers, star athletes and world leaders have come to marvel at the Pyramids. Here are some highlights:

Amitabh Bachchan, 1991

Princess Diana, 1992

Shakira, 2007

Leo Messi and Barcelona Team, 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, 2007

Barack Obama, 2009

Beyonce, 2009

Salma Hayek, 2009

Paris Hilton, 2010

Kylie Minogue, 2010

Mariah Carey, 2010

Vin Diesel, 2011

Jean-Claude Van Damme, 2011

Enrique Iglesias, 2014

Xavi, 2014

Morgan Freeman, 2015

Yanni, 2015

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