40 Stitches in Her Face! Full Story of What Happened With Nadine Njiem

Published August 6th, 2020 - 07:13 GMT
40 Stitches in Her Face! The Full Story of What Happened With Nadine Njiem at the Moment of Blast

Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim has been topping the trending lists on social media and Google, especially in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

After a short time of Beirut explosions, social media users started circulating that Nadine Njeim was gone missing.

Later on, anchor Rima Njeim revealed that Nadine is not missing, and she is at the hospital for an urgent 6-hour surgery without revealing the details of her health condition.

A video of Nadine's destroyed home was posted on her Instagram with a lengthy message from her to reassure fans regarding her condition.

A source close to Nadine revealed to ET Bil Arabi developments of Njeim's health condition and the details of what happened with her yesterday.

Nadine was alone at home when the explosion occurred in Beirut Port while her two children were away with her ex husband.

She was sitting near the glass when the blast happened, causing her to be severely injured in the face and shoulder, to the point that those close to her who saw her condition said that she literally survived death  by a miracle.

The source added that Nadine Njeim underwent a surgery that lasted for 6 continuous hours, which resulted in suturing her face by about 40 stitches, prompting fans to be more worried about her condition, and wishing her a speedy recovery and a safe exit from this crisis.

The moment of explosion

Nadine herself revealed in an Instagram post that she was shocked and severely injured when the explosion happened, then she climbed down from her 22 floor apartment on stairs barefoot and bleeding asking stranger drivers to take her to the nearest hospital.

The first hospital they arrived to was full and couldn't admit her, so they went to another hospital "Al Mashreq Hospital" who helped her and performed a 6-hour operation for her.

ET Bil Arabi also clarified that there are guards on the floor where the Lebanese artist resides is in the hospital, and no one other than her family or doctors can access the area, and the report pointed out that her condition is better now and she is scheduled to return soon to contact her fans herself.


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