5 Muslim practices Janet Jackson's baby experienced after he was born!

Published January 11th, 2017 - 11:00 GMT
Jackson celebrated her newborn son’s birth with a bloody animal sacrifice. (File photo)
Jackson celebrated her newborn son’s birth with a bloody animal sacrifice. (File photo)

Pop icon Janet Jackson became a mother at 50 on 3 January, and rumors are already flying about how she's spent the first hours with her newborn baby Eissa and billionaire Qatari husband Wissam al Mana. 

Here are some of the things RadarOnline.com claims to have happened in the Jackson-Mana household since:

1. "Jackson celebrated her newborn son’s birth with a bloody animal sacrifice — after secretly converting to Islam."

2. "A holy war is brewing between Jackson’s family and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, whom insiders claim brainwashed her into becoming a Muslim."

3. “As soon as the child was born, Wissam whispered in the boy’s right ear the word, ‘Adhan,’ which inculcates into the child that Allah is the only god and Muhammad is the only messenger,” a family insider told Radar.

4. "Wissam, 42, then rubbed a soft fruit on his son’s tongue, a practice that assures the baby will inherit the positive traits of his parents, especially his father’s," a source said.

5. "Jackson said she hoped to name her child after her late brother Michael, but her husband quickly overruled her, saying that 'it’s up to the husband in Muslim culture to provide a Muslim name and he would not allow for a Christian name to be given, especially to a son,'” a source said.

Janet married Wissam in 2012 and has changed the way she dresses since. The superstar, famous for flashing her flesh, now dresses more conservatively and even ends her concerts and social media messages with "Inshalah," which is the Arabic and Muslim phrase for "if Allah wills it."

The above has fuelled the rumor that Janet has converted to Islam, even though she never confirmed the alleged change of faith.

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