7 Arab destinations that place Star Wars locations in a galaxy not so far away!

Published May 4th, 2016 - 05:23 GMT
Kasr Awlad Soultan in Tunisia is where Anakin Skywalker lived as a boy. (Scoop Empire)
Kasr Awlad Soultan in Tunisia is where Anakin Skywalker lived as a boy. (Scoop Empire)

As luck would have it, Star Wars fans absolutely do not have to own a Milliennium Falcon to travel to a galaxy far, far away to experience the franchise’s alien worlds.

While CGI has inevitably played a large role in creating the fantastical sets, creator George Lucas found plenty of otherworldly landscapes right here on planet Earth to bring us into the Star Wars universe.

We are gathered here today not to just celebrate May the 4th, but also know all about the locations they’ve used in the Arab world, particularly Tunisia, to help make this world come to life.

Tataouine, Tunisia


The town’s name inspired George Lucas for the name of Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine. The town has reportedly become increasingly unsafe, as it is a waypoint for ISIS fighters traveling to and from training bases in Libya.




Matmata, Tunisia


Matmata is a small Berber speaking town in southern Tunisia. Some of the local Berber residents live in traditional underground structures, the same way people in Star Wars do…




Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia 


You can stay now in Luke Skywalker’s home, which has now turned into a hotel in the small town of Matmata and wander around the desert.




Sidi Bouhlel, Tunisia


Judland Wastes, which is a popular region on planet Tatooine was shot in Sidi Bouhlel, near the town of Tozeur, and was featured prominently in Episode IV: A New Hope, and returns in Episode I: The Phantom Menace.




Djerba, Tunisia

Actually a beach house, "So what I told you was true...from a certain point of view. " (Star Wars)

Located in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia, Djerba is where Luke and Obi-Wan meet Han Solo and Chewbacca for the first time.




Kasr Awlad Soultan, Tunisia 


Kasr Awlad Soultan is a fortified granary that’s located in the Tataouine district in southern Tunisia. It is now a tourist destination as the scene at the slave quarters of Mos Espa, where shot there, where Anakin Skywalker lived as a boy.




Rub’ Al-Khali desert, UAE


In the recently released The Force Awakens, we meet everyone’s favorite heroine Rey on planet of Jakku. These scenes were filmed in the Rub’ al Khali desert in Abu Dhabi.


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