Abeer Sabri a gipsy

Published December 7th, 2011 - 07:04 GMT
Abeer Sabri
Abeer Sabri

Egyptian actress Abeer Sabri has completed filming her scenes in the new television drama “Ashjar Al Nar” (Fire trees) and is waiting for her new film “Haflat Muntasaf Al Lail” (Midnight Party) to be screened.


In the drama, Abeer plays the role of gipsy woman named Ghazawieh, who falls in love with a man, who does not feel the same way about her. Her character tries every mean to attract the man’s attention and begins buying land in his village in the hope that he will become more interested in her, but her plan backfires with the rise of numerous obstacles.


According to the London based Elaph, Abeer revealed that she had agreed to lower her wage due to the hard financial conditions the production industry is experiencing.  Abeer added that she had practiced hard for her role before beginning filming and was trained by specialist to master the appropriate accent of an Egyptian gipsy.


Abeer noted that she had dedicated all her time to complete filming the scenes of the drama and had turned down roles offered to her due to the difficulty of splitting her time between more than one project.

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