Adel Imam refuses to shake Yusra’s hand

Published December 22nd, 2011 - 10:04 GMT
Adel Imam and Yusra
Adel Imam and Yusra

Prominent Egyptian comedian actor Adel Imam placed prominent Egyptian actress Yusra in a very embarrassing situation when he refused to shake her hand during the funeral ceremony of Egyptian writer Ahmad Bahjat. What made the incident more embarrassing is the presence of the media, which came to cover the event.


Many people questioned Adel’s actions despite the fact that the two are known to be good friends and always accompany each other to such occasions.


Some interpreted Adel’s actions as a result of a recent dispute that broke out between them after Adel stated that he refuses to have his daughter to be like other female actresses who present provocative and intimate scenes in films.


Adel’s statements led Yusra to attack him, especially since the two had acted in a number of intimate scenes together in different films. These scenes were always the talk of fans when the subject of Adel and Yusra arose.


The funeral ceremony was held in Al Hamidieh Mosque in Cairo and was attended by a large number of stars like Farouq Al Fishawi, Hussein Fahmi, Salah Al Saadani and his son Ahmad, director Ismael Abd Al Hafez, Ahmad Al Hajar and many more.



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