Adel Imam rejected as his Excellency Minister of Women

Published January 25th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian comedian Adel Imam has finally decided on the name “Qidri wa Awlado” (Qidri and His Sons) as the title for his new movie after his previous suggestion “Ma’ali Wazeer Al Nisaa” (Minister of Women) was rejected. In the film Adel plays the role of a Minister who attempts to deal with the young generation and help them solve problems they face in society, reported the UAE based daily, Al Bayan. 


Imam has nominated Nicole Sabaa, former singer in the Lebanese band The Four Cats, for the leading role in his upcoming film a rare and first of a kind matter. Yousif Ma’ati, scriptwriter, said that the new film will rediscover the ability and talent of the actor that has been neglected for some time. The new comedy film will take Adel away from the theme of action films he has acted in. 


The new film is a satirical comedy which revolves around a father, played by Adel, of four adolescent college boys who attempts to raise his children in the right manner making them responsible young men. Throughout the course of events in the film, Adel’s sons try every mean possible to take advantage of their father’s political status using it to get away with a number of mischiefs.  


The film directed by young director Ali Idris, will costar Egyptian actors Ahmad Ratib, Foad Khalil, Khaled Sarhan, and Tamer Abdul Mun’em. In the film Adel decided to nominate Ali to direct his film instead of his son director Rami Imam, who directed his last film “Amir Al Thalam” (Prince of Darkness), in an attempt to bring out the talent of young directors and give them a chance to prove themselves. Shooting of the scenes is due to begin after the Muslim second religious holiday “Eid Al Adha” directly.  


In June last year, Adel Imam, an ambassador of good will at the United Nations, participated in the meetings of the UN good ambassadors in New York. On the sidelines of the three-day meetings held at the UN headquarter in New York, Imam met the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and requested the increase of the support for the Palestinian refugees under the Israeli occupation. 


A number of world stars participated in the meetings of the UN good ambassadors, including Angelina Jolie, Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte. Imam managed to blend art with politics by coming close to the concerns of the public and simple citizens. His roles are not limited only to acting but also to effective political activities which he started in 1988 by visiting the upper Egypt city of Asut where he performed the play “Al Wad Sayyed al Shghal” without being scared of the threats of the terrorist organizations. – 

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