After an absence of 13 years, Majida Al Roumi returns to Damascus

Published July 13th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Prominent Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi is holding a concert on July 19 at the opera house in Syria after a 13 years absence from her fans in Damascus. Majida was invited by the Syrian Minister of Culture Ahmad Al Hassan to be the guest of honor at a special event. 


Majida is going to sing a new song especially dedicated for her Syrian fans entitled “Yis’ed Massakom Ya Ahel Al-Sham” (Good Evening Syrians) words and tunes by Elie Shuwairi. She is also going to sing a collection of her old and new songs and will be accompanied by a large group of musicians led by As’ad Khoury. 


Among the songs that will be presented are some poems by the great Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani like Kalimat, Tawq Al-Yasamin and Beirut Sit Al-Dunia. 


Majida is also currently working on a new album, which will feature ten new songs, after three years of absence. Majida says that she was absent because of the poor production situation in addition to personal reasons. 


In her new album, Majida cooperated with three remarkable composers, Milhem Barakat wrote the tunes for “Ana I’tazalt Al-Garam”, Elie Shuwairi wrote tunes for “La Tiz’al Minni Wala Trouh”, and Ihsan Al-Munther wrote tunes for “Keif”. 


Majida is cooperating with young names like Marwan Khouri and Jean Marie Riyachi. Marwan will give her tunes for two songs, which are “Thalimni, Ahebbak, and Jiddan”. Majida picked another song from her late father's library called “Ya M’azeb Albi”. Added to those seven she will include the song that she wrote and sang in the wedding of Prince Hamza, the crown prince of Jordan, in addition to two other songs composed by Dr. Abdul Rab Idris. The songs are “Alhob Wal Waffa', Fi Leilak Alsari”. 


Majida also revealed that she is preparing to shoot a music video for one of the songs from her upcoming album under the direction of internationally known director Stein Wakrun. The singer added that she also plans on shooting a second music video under the direction of Jamil Al Maghazi. 

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