After singers: sports stars invade Egyptian cinema

Published July 20th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

In a move to attract the audiences, plans are being made now to attract some sports stars to play roles in movies after singers have done so. 

Egyptian director Fahmi al Sharqawi has managed to get the nod from the National Club and national team star Khaled Bibo to play the starring role in his new film entitled 6-0, the same score which the National Club team recorded in their latest tournament with al Zamalek. Khaled Bibo alone recorded four goals in this tournament. 

“The film tackles in a sarcastic manner the captivating impact of football on the Egyptian society. The Egyptian comedy star Adel Imam played a significant role in convincing Bibo of giving it a try. Hanan Tork and Ghada Abdel Razzaq will costar in the film along with Bibo. 

Meanwhile, the National Club player and star of the Egyptian National team Ibrahim Said signed a contract with producer Wael Habib to play the starring role in his forthcoming film Ana Wad Roach in which Narmin al Faki and Amira Fathi costar. 

On the other hand, the Egyptian international squash star Ahmed Baradah signed a contract with Mamdouh al Laithi, the head of the Cinema Agency at the Media Production City to play the starring role in a film entitled Once There Was a Girl along with Hanan Tork, Ahmed Ezz and Yasmine Abdel Aziz under the direction of Mohammed Yasin. 

With this new orientation, the Egyptian cinema revives the phenomenon of seeking the help of soccer stars and utilizing their fame which started in the sixties and went on through the seventies and early eighties but came to a halt during the past ten years --  

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