Ahmad Al Sakka denies marital problems

Published February 3rd, 2008 - 05:09 GMT

Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Sakka has expressed his disappointment and outrage at the recent rumors that have been circulating stating that he is going through marital problems. It has been rumored that he and his wife, Maha Al Sagheer, are experiencing problems that may lead to a divorce, a matter the actor denied strongly.


Ahmad asserted that he and his wife are on excellent terms and there are no disputes between them, adding that his personal life is off limits and he does not allow anyone to interfere in it.


Rumors had stated that the disputes were over the fact that his wife wanted to remove her Hijab, Islamic headdress, and that Ahmad was outraged at his wife for even considering the matter, especially since Maha has been wearing the Hijab for more than four years.


On a different note, Ahmad’s latest film “Al Jazeerah” (the Island) is still brining in the highest profits out of all the films that are currently being screened in cinema houses around Egypt. Actor Mahmoud Yasin, who has been away from the big screen for some time, costars in the film alongside Ahmad. In addition actresses Hind Sabri and Zeina star in the film that is directed by Sharif Arafah.


The film tackles the issues of families that are involved in drug smuggling.


Ahmad is also preparing to star in a new film titled “The Dealer”, which is written by Midhat Adel and will be produced by ‘Al Nasr, Oscar and Al Massa’.

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