Here's How Ahmad Helmi Reacted to a Fan Who Wrote About Him in an Exam!

Published January 15th, 2020 - 07:18 GMT
Ahmad Helmi Reacts to a Fan Writing About Him
Ahmad Helmi Reacts to a Fan Writing About Him
the actor recently had his movie 'Khayal Maatah' aired in the cinema

By Alexandra Abumuhor

Egyptian artist Ahmad Helmi commented on a post that went viral on social media of a girl writing about him in a school exam.

The fan posted the photo and wrote, "in my English exam today I had to write a paragraph about a famous person and I decided to write about Ahmad Helmi."

The TV presenter re-posted the picture with a humorous comment: "an English exam is all you could find?"

The actor recently starred in the movie 'Khayal Maatah' alongside Muna Shalabi, Lutfi Labeeb and Khaled Alsawi playing the lead roles and Khaled Maari as the director.

In the flashback comedy movie, a group of close friends who committed a robbery while they were young, gather again after 30 years to reflect on the reasons that drove them to commit their crime.

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