Review: Al Rawabi School For Girls is Now Streaming on Netflix

Published August 12th, 2021 - 12:28 GMT
The  series is directed by Tima Shomali
The series is directed by Tima Shomali
Netflix releases its Arabic series ‘AlRawabi School for Girls’

by Alexandra Abumuhor 

It's finally here! Netflix's original Jordanian series is now on Netflix. 

Al Rawabi School For Girls is about three girls who are constantly bullied at their school and they plan a great comeback against all their bullies.

 But when they reach their goal and take revenge, one of them realizes that the world is not as black and white as it seemed to her before.

The truth is much more complex and now she questions whether her revenge action was really justified.

In the beginning of the show, viewers emphasize with Mariam, the protagonist of the series, the intensity and the extreme events, and the suspense that follow made viewers realize that revenge is not always the answer, as it can lead to bigger and unnecessary incidents.

The newly released series is an Arabic-language TV series directed by Tima Shomali, written by Shomali, Shirin Kamal and Islam Alshomali.

The cast includes Andria Tayeh, Rakeen Saad, Noor Taher, and Joanna Arida.

The show is not your typical mean girls drama series, it does show the typical friendship drama, but it also has its unique scenes and events.

Cinematography, color choice, and editing, in addition to acting, are extremely professional and flawless, the absence of music in some of the scenes helps us viewers pay close attention to the importance of the script and facial expressions in the acting.

The music choice is so smart that it helped focus on the emotions of the characters it creates the exciting and eventful atmosphere and brought attention to the elements in the show. It gave meaning to the character's actions and created emotions.

Al Rawabi School For Girls delivers a powerful message on how mental health is affected by mental and physical abuse in schools due to bullying, and director Tima Shomali focused on the female perspective of bullying in the show.

Shomali also aimed to help young women stand up and defend themselves because girls are taught to 'stay quiet'.

The director did not just want the show to spread to the middle east and the Arab world, she wanted it to go internationally and reach viewers all around the world, thus it was reached 190 countries in 32 languages.

Al Rawabi School For Girls is the second of it's kind.

The first Netflix original Jordanian series was titled 'Jinn' which is a supernatural drama about teenagers who encounter good and evil genies during their school trip to the ancient city of Petra.


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