Alec Baldwin Wants SeaWorld to Stop Using Dolphins in Shows

Published June 12th, 2019 - 11:55 GMT
Alec Baldwin
Alec is set to take part in an online meeting on Wednesday
Alec Baldwin is urging SeaWorld to stop using dolphins in their shows.

The 'Saturday Night Live' alum has teamed up with animal cruelty charity PETA to urge the marine zoological park to stop putting their creatures, including dolphins, in cruel situations for entertainment.

Alec is set to take part in an online meeting on Wednesday (12.06.19) with SeaWorld's executives, where, according to ET Canada, he will ask: "When will SeaWorld stop allowing trainers to use dolphins as surfboards, standing on their faces and backs, to perform circus-style shows?"

Whilst PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman has said the 'Boss Baby' actor is "demanding" changes be made to the way dolphins are treated at the Florida park.

In a statement, Tracy said: "It's unacceptable that smart, sensitive dolphins are being used as surfboards and launch pads in demeaning SeaWorld spectacles. PETA and Mr. Baldwin are demanding that SeaWorld trainers take their feet off these animals' backs and faces."

Alec's involvement in the campaign comes just a day after Canada banned the captivity of dolphins and whales across the country.

Meanwhile, animal rights isn't the only social issue Alec is keen on fighting for, as he called for action on Climate Change during a visit to the United Nations (UN) in April.

The 61-year-old actor moderated a panel on threats to 'Forest defenders' during the annual meeting of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and spoke of how his passion for preserving the planet was sparked at the 2015 conference in Paris, which adopted a groundbreaking agreement to tackle global warming.

He said: "I recognise - as does anyone that is paying attention - that Indigenous Peoples across this planet are on the front lines of the fight to protect forests and deserve and need the support and protection of the international community.

"There are things that we just can't imagine that can happen in terms of the food supply, in terms of climate change, in terms of flooding in coastal areas in the United States and beyond. The time is now to make certain sacrifices ... so that this planet will remain habitable for today's children.

"My favourite thing about the UN is the word 'permanence', they have permanent missions and permanent forums.

They're the only ones who can say, 'We're here and we're not going anywhere.' And I love the inevitability of that."

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