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Published April 6th, 2006 - 06:17 GMT

Lebanese singer Alissa is in a state of despair over the spread of pirated copies of her latest album “Bastanak” (I Will Wait For You) in Lebanon. The bandit copies negatively affect album profits.  Additionally, some of the songs were leaked over the internet two days before the official release of the album.


Production Company ‘Rotana’ is trying to stop the circulation and collect the pirated copies.


The album, featuring 12 songs, carries a new signature since the distribution process was shifted from Jan Marie Riashi to distributors Michel Fadel and Danny Hilo, after singer encountered many disputes.


The album cover was created by American photographer Matthews Claimer, and the singer filmed the music video for the main song of the album ‘Bastanak’ under the direction of American Brandon Darikson in Burgh, the capital of the Czech Republic.


Pepsi will launch the latest television commercial for Alissa with American pop star Christina Agelera to coincide with the release of the album.

‘Bastanak’ is Alissa’s first cooperation with singer and composer Marwan Khoury and her second with ‘Rotana.’


A number of problems have arisen upon the release of the album after different radio and television stations began airing the song “Kirmalak,” which is part of Alissa’s album, but in the voice of the new singer Ameera.


Sources claim that Marwan sold the song to Ameera two years ago, but she did not record it until Marwan resold it to Alissa. Alissa’s reaction to the situation is still unknown.

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