Amel Bouchoucha: I don't have kids outside of wedlock

Published May 6th, 2012 - 10:43 GMT
Algerian actress, Amel Bouchoucha is without child
Algerian actress, Amel Bouchoucha is without child

Algerian actress, Amel Bouchoucha, denied that she had ever had a child outside of wedlock, in response to mounting speculation and rumor.  She deflected the defamatory charge, which would be considerably serious given the conservative Arab culture, stating that the child who appeared in family photos, was the son of a friend who resides in France.

According to the MBC website, Amel stated on her official Facebook page that,"the rumors that have been spreading on Facebook are false".  Her detailed explanation said, "I have never given birth, I do not have a child. The child who appeared alongside my brother in the photograph of the New Year's celebration, is the son of a friend".

The Algerian actress who rose to fame through Star Academy, felt the need to also deny having ever been married before. She emphasised that she was solo prior to, and since, launching her acting career but wouldn't be surprised if rumors of marriage, or of an alleged relationship with the Syrian actor Ayman Zeidan were to arise, especially after the airing of the new series in Ramdan- "Zaman Al Bargouth"- (In the Time of the Fleas). Other male stars in the show are Salloum Haddad.

When not denying slander about her personal life, Amel Bouchoucha is busy working on film projects, and is set to appear as a special guest star in the sequel of "Al Wiladah Al Khasriya" (The Breach or Difficult delivery).  Since renamed to "Sa'et Al Jamer" (A Time of Unbearable Pain), the series that is directed by Rasha Sharbatji, will star Amel as the leading lady of the series.
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