The Amman British Embassy Cat is a Little Dr. Evil, No?

Published November 25th, 2017 - 03:12 GMT
Meet, Diplocat. /BritishEmbassyAmman.
Meet, Diplocat. /BritishEmbassyAmman.

If you’re a cat person, then this article is for you! It was about time for cats took their rightful place on this earth. A new meow-mber just joined the Amman diplomatic scene, and it cannot get fluffier than this.

The British Embassy in Jordan rescued a him a while ago, and he is now settling into his new position as chief mouser. Oh, and did we mention that he’s a cat and his name is Lawrence of Abdoun?

Palmerston, the top cat at the Foreign Office in London, employed Lawrence of Abdoun as his initial overseas representative. You can follow them both on Twitter, Palmerston has 57,000 followers.

Roya News reported that “the diplocat, a former resident of the Humane Centre for Animal Welfare, will be carrying out a range of purr-fessional duties but his main task is head mouse catcher.”

“Through Lawrence’s Twitter account we’re trying to show a different side to Jordan, what it is really like, a peaceful, prosperous country that British tourists should come and visit,” said Deputy Ambassador Laura Dauban

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