Amr Diab's ex-wife dreams of marrying Brad Pitt and doesn't mind if he cheats on her!

Published October 30th, 2016 - 10:41 GMT
She's a beauty, isn't she? (
She's a beauty, isn't she? (

Ask any woman with a crush on Egyptian superstar Amr Diab and she'll dreamily tell you that she would love to become the next Mrs. Diab. 

Not actress Sherine Reda though, who was actually married to the legendary singer early on in her life, and even had children with him.

Amr Diab and Sherine Reda when they were engaged to each other. (

Nonetheless, the 48-year-old starlet recently admitted for the first time ever that marriage isn't for her. Having been married (and divorced by choice) twice by the age of 26, Sherine said that "this is an experience I don't wish to repeat."

The outspoken actress described marriage as "exhausting for a woman, who would have to commit to things she doesn't like or want just to make it work."

Despite sounding convinced that walking down the aisle isn't something she wishes to do ever again, Sherine cheekily confessed that she would love to marry American heartthrob Brad Pitt - who recently divorced from Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie - and wouldn't even mind him cheating on her like he allegedly did to Angie!

And commenting on her reported romantic relationship with young Egyptian actor Ahmed el Fishawy, rest assured ladies that they're nothing but good friends!

As for her beauty secrets, forget about them. Sherine said that she isn't interested in going overboard to keep herself beautiful, seeing as her "beauty" has caused her a lot of problems with some of her closest friends in the past, who were afraid that their husbands would leave them for her.

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