Amr Waked on #ParisAttacks: 'We are far braver than terrorists'

Published November 17th, 2015 - 09:20 GMT
Amr Waked is hopeful for a better, more positive future. (Facebook)
Amr Waked is hopeful for a better, more positive future. (Facebook)

Amidst the drama surrounding the ISIS-led Paris attacks that claimed that lives of over 130 people, Egyptian Hollywood actor Amr Waked had something to say about the incident that shook the world on Friday.

In an interview with show-business daily Variety, Waked reflected on the terrorism in Paris and how it will affect him as an Arab actor.

The "Lucy" actor believes that "Terrorism tries to collapse societies through threats that destroy confidence and courage and faith in the social fabric," adding that it uses "hate" as a way of leading a society to "self-implode."

Stressing that we shouldn't cave in to the fear and hate arising from terrorism, he said, "We have much more love, and are far braver than people who are snatching an opportunity to kill civilians who have nothing to do with any conflict whatsoever."

But having made a name for himself in the highly competitive world of Hollywood, how will such an event - that places Muslims and Arabs in a tough place in the West - affect him as an actor?

Waked admitted that the Paris attacks will now affect that type of roles he will be offered in the future. He pointed out that this climate "signals that I might be getting more terrorist roles, while instead I want to be playing more ordinary Muslim characters."

The 42-year-old star not only acts in films and on stage, he is also a producer of Arab films, including political drama “Winter of Discontent,” set against the backdrop of the Tahrir Square protests.

When asked if there is something that can be done about the type of violence we saw in Paris, Waked said, "It’s very difficult for me to know how to stop this. But If we could manage to create an environment of true justice in the Middle East, with all its cases of injustice and conflict, I think that would be the solution."

According to Waked, injustice in the Middle East breeds "plenty of desperate people in the region." In return, Waked says, "Whether it’s within the Arab world or the invasion of parts of Palestine, or revolutions, or the Sunni against Shia conflict within Muslims, all of these I think stem from a systematic injustice that generates so many difficulties and harm to citizens that they go and take risks that get them killed."

While Waked admitted that this is a very complex situation to which he doesn't know the terrorists' true motivations behind, he said, "I guess you keep trying to fix things until it stops. I think the Middle East needs a lot of fixing internally. The people themselves, they have tried to struggle against this environment they are living in by making revolutions, and they are still struggling." He continued, "I’m not politicizing; it’s a social phenomenon. The solution is to create equality across the globe, so that less people are despondent in the world. So that there is no reason for you to be disappointed in your life. I think this is what we should always be trying to do. Try to make a world that is less disappointing for our children."

Waked ended his interview hopeful that at this stage a positive process would start taking its first steps instead of an escalation in events.

"I have faith personally. I haven’t been entirely robbed of it yet."

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