Amr Youssef Stands for a Bullied Student.. Watch His Supportive Message!

Published December 11th, 2019 - 01:01 GMT
Youssef talked about bullying in schools
Youssef talked about bullying in schools (Source: @amryoussefofficial Instagram)

Watch out bullies.. Amr Youssef is coming for you!

Egyptian actor Amr Youssef posted a video on Instagram of himself helping a child from the gym.

Youssef revealed that while he was working out, he saw the child sitting alone and sad. When he asked him about the reason, the child, named Yassin, told him that he had recently moved to a new school where his new classmates were constantly beating him and that he didn't know how to deal with them.

Amr then warned in the video that if anyone assaults Yassin again, he would go to the school to defend him with "Walad Rizk," referring to co-stars from his latest films.

In his caption comment, Youssef talked about bullying in schools, asking parents to pay more attention to the issue and protect their children.


في بعض الاحيان بيكون صعب تفهم طفل متنمر مدي قسوة و صعوبة التنمر علي نفسيات الاخرين .. عشان كده جزء كبير من اللوم بيكون لأهل المتنمر اللي المفروض يفهموه و احياناً يعاقبوه علي تنمره ( للأسف في اهالي بتسعد بأولادها المتنمرين و بيعتبروا ده قوة شخصية ) .. التنمر مشكلة كبيرة بتؤدي لمشاكل ممكن تفضل مع الطفل لحد ما يكبر و تؤثر علي سلوكياته في محيط شغله و عائلته .. ارجوكم فهموا اولادكم ان التنمر زيه زي السرقة و الخيانة ، و بالبلدي التنمر مش مجدعة ولا رجولة . ملحوظة : استأذنت والد ياسين قبل نشر الڤيديو #لا_للتنمر #عمرو_يوسف

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