Angham gets bitchy on social media!

Published August 22nd, 2016 - 12:42 GMT
What's Angham's problem with Hesham? (Facebook)
What's Angham's problem with Hesham? (Facebook)

Why is this news? Because Hesham Mansour is all of us right now. Mansour is basically my life story while stalking celebrities for selfies. Just two days ago our favorite Egyptian and hilarious writer and the man behind ‘El3elm Wal Emaw’ posted a selfie on his social media with superstars Angham and Mona Zaki, with a caption describing it as the best photo he has ever taken.

Now what happened next was such a divalicious move yet Hesham handled it like a genius pro. Egyptian songstress Angham posted the same photo, only Mansour was cropped out of it. Ouch! 

Now instead of being embarrassed, he basically gave zero effs and just gave us what we believe is the most epic meme of all time 

And the rest was a history of epic social media memes

And because Henedy is the Twitter king, he had to say something


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