Arabia Nights 4

Published October 24th, 2008 - 04:05 GMT

“The pleasure a good song gives can’t be paid for with money alone”.
Sindbad the Sailor - from the tales of the arabianights.


YES! It’s the brand new ArabiaNights for 2008. Back again with its very special look and special content. The artwork cover and packaging in this collection is simply A class and there is nothing like this collection.


The previous ArabiaNights collections have been very successful  becoming one of the best selling compilations of all time.


Content on this new version of Arabian Nights continues again to be even stronger with some of the finest chillout tunes and breath taking crossover tracks from Arabic and International artists.

Arabianight brings what you will not find anywhere else, only a cool cut selection of  songs where it brings together the biggest Arabic acts signed locally and in Europe 


Arabianights4- Arabia’s answer to Ministry of Sound.

Awaiting your orders, positively please!

Tracks list:
CD 1-(the majlis)

01 Ibrahim Maaloof / Diaspora

02 Ziad Al Rahbani / Bala Wala Chi

03 Rachid Taha / Winta

04 Malik Adouane / Habbaytak bil sayf

05 Beach Belly Dance Babylon / Below the mountain

06 Larbi Dida / Baba Chibani

07 Tamer Hosni / Law a'ameez Al Kheer

08 Nancy Ajram / Ya Salam

09 REG Project / Beijin Dreamin

10 Najim / H’sabtek Ana

11 Hamdi Makhlouf / Pages Nocturnes

12 Amel Wahbi / Gharib

13 Imam Baldi / ΠOΣO ΛYΠAMAI

14 Spirit of Dubai  / Sunset at the burj

15 Mohamed Reda / Khalas CD 2- (the casbah)

01 Orient expression / Zilver & Gold Remix
02 East Enders / Capitalism feat. Bajka

03 Walid Toufic / Ya Baher

04 John Mouwad / Ammouna in Europe

05 Mardo El Noor / Tala’ al Badru Aleina

06 Rabih Al Asmar – Feat. Kathrina / Jamil El Toul

07 Best of Belly beats / Last chance

08 Seneen / Ideeha

09 Melissa / Helfnalk

10 Somaya / Keda Keda

11 Issaf / Maah Albi

12 Hadya / Enoh Aala Meen

13 Lella / Alfi Marra

14 Jalex / Hide & Seek

15 Dania / Rayah Albak  (The Tripped out electro mix)

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