Artist uses her hijab and fab makeup skills to unveil herself as famous Disney characters

Published February 29th, 2016 - 01:24 GMT
Queen of Luna transformed herself here into the beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (Instagram)
Queen of Luna transformed herself here into the beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (Instagram)

Saraswati, a make up artist from Malaysia, has captured the attention of thousands on Instagram, after using her hijab to help transform herself into popular Disney characters.

Under the name Queen of Luna, Saraswati has shared over 299 posts with her 194 thousand followers - each of them incredible and accurate recreations of different cartoons and heroes. 

Saraswati's most recent transformation was Ariel from the Little Mermaid where she used both her skills as an artist and a make up artist to recreate the character's fiery red locks and signature make up.  

To transform into Tinkerbell, the talented artist used a piece of pinned yellow satin to represent the fairy's hair and to celebrate Chinese New Year, Saraswati shared a stunning recreation of Mulan where she wore bright red lipstick and drew on thick black rounded brows.

The self-confessed 'comic geek' and 'Disnerd' doesn't just recreate female characters and recently shared a photo of her looking like Jafar from Aladdin where she used face paint, make up and very heavy contouring to achieve the look.

One of Saraswati's most popular looks was Alice from Alice in Wonderland - the final installment of her Alice in Wonderland series where she also recreated the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire cat. 

'Spent too many [sic] time on styling the hijab...needed to attach the headband on [the] hijab,' Saraswati wrote on the stunning photo, where she used a yellow hijab to reflect the character's flowing yellow hair.

'I felt a bit up and down when doing this though, reminded me of my childhood. I used to dress up as Alice almost everyday when I was little.'

Saraswati's Queen of Hearts look was inspired by the character from Tim Burton's movie - the look involving accurate heart-shaped lipstick, dramatic blue eye shadow amusingly thin eyebrows and a 'turban style hijab.'

With her Cheshire cat look, Saraswati used an app to edit her eyes and an impressive amount of make up and face paint to complete the rest of the look, including the cat's signature toothy grin. 

In terms of superheroes, Saraswati was almost unrecognisable after her Iron Man transformation and was inspired by Jared Leto's The Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie for her scary Joker look.

Saraswati also recreated Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie, where she used black and red face paint to perfectly draw on the villain's clown-inspired look.

The artist has built up a loyal fan base since she started sharing her amazing transformations, many of them inspired by her creative interpretations of the popular characters and making requests of their own. 

'Your pictures are goals and I like how you use your hijab and are confident and incorporate it into the photos instead of just doing the makeup, keep it up,' one fan wrote.

'You are so crazy talented I have so much respect for you,' another said, 'Everything you do is absolutely fabulous keep doing you girl.'

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