Assala's no-show: Nasri leaves fans no apology chocolates after canceling on the Belgian crowd

Published April 4th, 2013 - 01:28 GMT

An Assala Nasri concert in Brussels got axed at the last minute, leaving fans simmering and stunned.

The show was cancelled over two hours after the scheduled start time, so that fans of the Syrian songstress - already accustomed to 'Arab Standard Time' and familiar with fashionable celebrity tardiness - were stewing in their spent enthusiasm and eventually quite devestated at the lost opportunity.

The concert, set to take place at the “Circque Royal” hall, was, in honor of the current crisis, a fundraiser to help build a school for Syrian refugee children in Jordan. The no-show announcement reportedly came about after disputes erupted between the organizers and Asala’s agents. The two camps were not seeing eye to eye on the concert's manifest cause. The star's people had warned that their patron was not interested in being played by businessmen. 

According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Assala had held a successful press conference in the Belgian capital a day before her scheduled charity gig, appealing for proceeds to go to the organization “Help the Children of Syria” -  a Belgian-based Moroccan-founded outfit. Assala talked about the importance of helping the children of Syria and preventing the brutality taking place in her country.

Fans were left stumped as to why the show would get dropped when everything had been smooth-sailing up until the eleventh hour. The Assala act enjoyed the sponsorship and backing of politicians, diplomats and other high profilers, with famous athletes getting in on the charity function, from Belguim and Morocco to boot.

Syria well-wishers were shell-shocked when the organizers of the event announced that Assala was bailing on them due to financial and business wranglings. They were briefed that there had been failed attempts to coax her into dropping her boycott, but to little avail as her staunch supporters were left in the lurch, stranded outside concert gates.

Assala’s business manager later revealed that the disputes were not purely financial, but rested over a conflict of interests. Businessmen were accused of hijacking the charity affair for personal gain.

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