Assala Nasri Likes Her Sugar

Published June 28th, 2017 - 11:23 GMT
Assalan those weren't even hers. (Instagram / assala_official)
Assalan those weren't even hers. (Instagram / assala_official)

Syrian singer Assala Nasri underwent medical examination after being detained over drug possession at Beirut International Airport en route to Cairo. Drugs were found in her possession while leaving Lebanon, Sky News Arabia reported.

However, Nasri denied knowledge of the drugs. According to security sources, the amount found is likely to be for personal use, as it amounted to several grams.

The medical test proved the presence of drugs in her system, a source told the MTV website, which indicates that the drugs were for personal use.

The Lebanese judge released Nasri after ordering her to undergo another medical test at a later date.

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