Athar Al Hakim calls Haifa Wehbe a porn actress and the Lebanese as indecent on "Al Ashirah Masa'an"

Published April 24th, 2014 - 12:06 GMT

Resigned Egyptian actress Athar Al Hakim is not stepping down from her insulting statements about the Lebanese people and the film "Halawet Rouh", starring Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe. Athar hated on Haifa during a phone interview on the program "Al Ashirah Masa'an" (10PM), suggesting she was merely acting out a porn film in Egypt. She then continued to diss the entire Lebanese population as being indecent.

According to, after many Lebanese media, and even Haifa herself attacked Athar for her harsh criticism, the show's host Wael Al Ibrishi tried to get the outspoken former starlet back on the phone to apologize for inappropriate remarks. She clearly meant every word she had said because she refused to apologize but did clarify that her comments were about the entertainment society in Lebanon and not the general people.

Athar accused Al Ibrishi of exaggerating her statements and creating chaos out of nothing. Al Ibrishi informed Athar that Haifa had said in reply to the remarks, "Don't blame me if your career is now a historic thing of the past". Athar said in her defence, "Thank God I am talented and all what I had presented throughout my career is respectable, and I am not like those that do not possess a talent and depend on other means to gain their popularity."

Athar went on to throw the blame for all the drama on those who had misinterpreted her remarks, and she described the general Lebanese people as well-educated and elegant, in total contradiction of her former statements. Athar insisted that what she has said was taken out of proportion. Her true intentions are yours to judge as her interview is posted on YouTube for your listening pleasure.

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