Athar al Hakim Plays Role as Palestinian Journalist

Published May 4th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

In the middle of next month Egyptian actress Athar al Hakim will begin shooting her role in the new TV series al Kharaz al Mulawwan (Colored Beads) based on Mohammed Salmawi’s story, scripted by Mohammed al Basousi and directed by Ahmed Khader. 

The series is about the Arab Israeli conflict since the 1947 UN resolution regarding Palestine division into two states. 

A hefty budget exceeding 10 million pounds has been allocated for the film, which will be shot inside the Media Production City. Costarring in the series along with Hakim is a large number of stars including Riyadh al Khouli and Mohammed Riyadh. 

Some documentary film contents from the occupied lands will be screened within the series. 

“I play the role as Jaclyn Khouri since her childhood and youth in Java and Jerusalem in addition to her ties with the most prominent Palestinian movement symbols in view of the fact that her father is Java mayor. Jaclyn moves to Cairo after the Israeli occupation forces kill all her family members including her parents. She decides to continue with the journey of resistance through journalism in Egypt,” Hakim told the UAE daily al Bayan. 

She added, “the series includes a number of political failures and explains the Egyptian and Arab role in confronting the Zionist and Jewish lobby since 1947 and 1948 war. This is in addition to the painful events, which followed the war, and how the issue has reached this stage of devastation, atrocities and brutality by Sharon against the armless Palestinian people in their cities, villages and refugee camps. It also includes the criminal acts which killer Sharon commits against the Palestinians holy shrines including the siege imposed on the Nativity Church and al Aqsa Mosque.” 

The Egyptian actress believes that we as Arabs should address the conscience of the world with its various sectarian groups because, according to her, art is the society’s mirror. “We must provide the artworks which depict the Palestinians’ suffering and their legitimate resistance of occupation because the Zionists have their own media which publish false information and images. The Zionist media label Palestinians as terrorists and refuse to differentiate between the concepts of terrorism and legitimate resistance of a nation suffering from the oppression of an occupying force. For the past fifty years, this occupation has been practicing all kinds of murders and repression against its victims who have not done anything except demanding the liberation of their lands. Everybody in Europe and the US should know through picture and sound how murderer Sharon is exterminating the Palestinian people, wiping out Palestinian cities and besieging women, old people and children leaving them without food or water for long time. The whole world should know how this killer tortures the Palestinian young men in prisons and barbaric detention camps and destroys the infrastructure in the Palestinian occupied lands where there is no water, electricity, or medicines like the olden days of the Nazis,” added Hakim -- 

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