Athar El Hakim places children's well-being ahead of career

Published September 9th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

The busy schedule of an actress did not make Egyptian actress Athar El Hakim neglect her children but on the contrary the actress made it a point to always give her children the proper support and encouragement to succeed in today’s world. During the finals of last year’s school year the actress had announced a “Red Alert” in her home refusing any form of interruption in order to ensure that her children receive the right quiet and peaceful environment to study hard for their exams. 


According to the London based magazine, Laha, Athar had refrained from taking on any acting job and had requested that no one disturbs her or her children at that time. One the results of the school year came out, Athar felt she had to reward her children and so took them on a vacation to Syria and Lebanon wanting to show them that every time they do a good job they will be rewarded. 


Once she returned to her home in Egypt and the new school year began, the actress resumed her prescheduled work plan and began shooting scenes for her upcoming TV series. Athar stressed that despite the fact that the entertainment world conceived a lot of time from a person, her family always comes first and if she is to choose between the two, no doubt her first priority will always be to her home and children. 


It was confirmed by the Syrian International Auto Union that a number of prominent Egyptian actors will be participating in the rally "Discover Syria" that took place July 16-19, 2003. The event was sponsored by the Syrian Ministry of Tourism and will cover a number of tourist sites covering an area of over 1500 kilometers. 


Athar El Hakim along with Egyptian actors Nour El Sherif, Mohammad Subhi and Samih El Sareeti officially announced their participation in the event. The actors competed next to 70 other participants. 


Athar previously shot scenes from her new TV series “Kharaz Mulawan” (Colored Beads) based on Mohammed Salmawi’s story, scripted by Mohammed al Basousi and directed by Ahmed Khader in Lebanon. Scenes from the South of Lebanon were preferred over those in Egypt as more suitable for the new series.  


The series is about the Arab Israeli conflict since the 1947 UN resolution regarding Palestine division into two states. A hefty budget exceeding 10 million pounds has been allocated for the film, which will be partially shot inside the Media Production City. A number of actors from Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt co-star in the new TV series including Riyadh al Khouli and Mohammed Riyadh.  


Some documentary film contents from the occupied lands are screened within the series.  

“I play the role as Jaclyn Khouri since her childhood and youth in Java and Jerusalem in addition to her ties with the most prominent Palestinian movement symbols in view of the fact that her father is Java mayor. Jaclyn moves to Cairo after the Israeli occupation forces kill all her family members including her parents. She decides to continue with the journey of resistance through journalism in Egypt,” Hakim said.  


She added, “The series includes a number of political failures and explains the Egyptian and Arab role in confronting the Zionist and Jewish lobby since 1947 and 1948 war. This is in addition to the painful events, which followed the war, and how the issue has reached this stage of devastation, atrocities and brutality by Sharon against the armless Palestinian people in their cities, villages and refugee camps. It also includes the criminal acts which killer Sharon commits against the Palestinians holy shrines including the siege imposed on the Nativity Church and al Aqsa Mosque.” – 

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