Sweet “Dreams” are made of this: Ayten Amer calls TV experts about her nightmare

Published October 9th, 2013 - 12:31 GMT
Ayten Amer called into "Ahlam" (Dreams). (Image: Facebook)
Ayten Amer called into "Ahlam" (Dreams). (Image: Facebook)

Even celebrities need advice from time to time. Ayten Amer recently shared all about her deepest, darkest nightmare on air of the TV program "Ahlam" (Dreams). The young Egyptian actress called into to ask advice from the show’s experts about her recurring dream about her deceased father who always comes to her to tell her that he has not died. To make matters even creepier, snakes were there too!

So what in the world does this all mean? According to Sayidaty.net, the dream analyzers said her father was one of the big wigs in heaven, considered a martyr without sin.

How’s that for good news?

Oh, and the snakes? They were interpreted as being envied by people who are close to her and that are jealous of her success. They said snakes, except for water ones, are a symbol of envy in dreams.

Hope that settled all of Ayten’s slumber concerns. It all sounds a little cray cray to us!

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