Bahraini Parliament forbids Nancy Ajram from entering Bahrain

Published October 20th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

A Bahraini parliament official with the support of his colleagues submitted an urgent request to be presented at their next session calling for the banning of Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. The request specifically that Nancy should be forbidden from entering Bahrain and disqualified from participating in a musical event due to take place next week. 


According to the London based daily, Al Sharq Al Awsat, the parliament official, who belongs to an Islamists party, revealed that he had contacted the Ministry of Information, which is responsible for giving permission to companies wishing to hold entertainment activities, specifically stating that Parliament will not allow for the company to hold its scheduled activities unless they disallow Nancy to take part in their events.  


Recently, Egyptian female parliament members joined hands with Islamist members and ordered that a new law be formed to ban the airing of Ajram’s music videos on all local and satellite Egyptian channels. The members also called for the banning of any music video that displays women dancing with barely any clothes as an attempt to seduce and attract viewers.  


The women in parliament feel that these types of music videos are a negative influence on viewers especially the young males. It was also suggested that a restriction be placed on the production of music videos making sure that what is being produced is appropriate for the Arab audience. It was added that numerous complaints from women and men were sent to parliament demanding that immediate action be taken with regards to the extent that some music videos have gone.  


Female parliament members also noted that these types of videos that only strive to arouse audience sexually loose the true value of art and music. They added that numerous family disputes have occurred due to these clips, which have caused for jealousy to appear on women due to their husbands’ concentration on the women dancing in them.  


Previously it was rumored that an official request by the Egyptian Parliament had been released demanding the ban of Ajram’s songs. The Parliament has ordered that all satellite and local TV stations stop the airing of Nancy’s songs, especially “Akhasmak Aah” (I’ll Upset You Yes), due to the nature of its content and the manner in which the music video is shot.  


Ajram has strongly denied circulating rumors that she had accepted or even received a marriage proposal from an Egyptian businessman for one million US dollars during her last visit to Egypt. The singer has stressed that this rumor holds no truth to it and that she never met any businessman in Egypt while she participated in the Music Video Festival in Sharm El Sheikh and wonders how such a rumor came to be. Many believe that Nancy is the one who created the rumor in order to get more publicity and attention, especially since her latest music video “Hilo El Gharam” (Love Is Beautiful) did not witness the same success as her previous videos. Stars creating rumors about themselves has come to be a tradition in the entertainment world especially when the spotlight is being focused elsewhere.  


Ajram, who has reached stardom around the Arab world, revealed that she had put a lot of effort into herself to be a successful singer. The singer denied that her looks, seductive moves, or her revealing cloths are what made her reach the top. Nancy stressed that ever since she was a little girl she has been studying music and had in fact learned to play a number of musical instruments.  


Nancy admits that her popularity came after she released the hit single “Akhasmak Aah”, and that it caught the eyes of viewers for the fact that she underwent many daring and seducing moves. But Nancy added that looks were not the only factor that made her and the song a success, and that if she did not possess a talent for singing, album sales would not be so high. – 

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