Bassem Yakhour: Errybody’s got it all wrong!

Published July 24th, 2013 - 10:19 GMT
Bassem Yakhour is getting a little frustrated with all the criticism (Image: Facebook)
Bassem Yakhour is getting a little frustrated with all the criticism (Image: Facebook)

If Bassem Yakhour were a woman, we could easily call him Miss-understood as nearly everything from his political views to his acting career has ben misconstrued according the Syrian celeb.

The renowned star recently rolled out a press release clarifying some major misinterpretations. Apparently there was some questioning after a letter he wrote about the conditions in Syria. In response, Basel said his stance remains unchanged from his Kuwait interview, stating that President Bashar Al Asad represents him as a Syrian citizen and he will not give up his country or nationality for any price.

Now don’t even get him started on the alleged hidden political agenda in his starring role in the third sequel of the TV show "Al Wilada Min Al Khasira" (Birth from Loss). Don’t judge a book from its cover, and don’t judge a show’s agenda from it’s pilot either. Basel stressed that judgments should until the drama ends.

According to the Middle East news portal, Basel denied claims that he said the makers of the drama, especially director Rasha Sharbatji, have a hidden political agenda and that they should be prosecuted. He added that the drama is simply a television drama, and at the beginning of each episode it is clearly stated that the events and characters in the drama do not reflect real life characters or events.

Can’t blame him for being frustrated, but let’s hope peeps will put their political views and judgments aside and let the drama stay on the television set for now.

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