BDS Calls For Boycotting Maroon 5

Published April 7th, 2022 - 09:19 GMT
BDS is a non-violent movement
BDS is a non-violent movement

By Alexandra Abumuhor

The BDS movement calls for boycotting boyband Maroon 5. 

The band will be hosting a concert in a garden placed on the ruins of Palestinian  village of Al-Jarisha, which was ethnically cleansed in the organization 

In addition, Maroon 5's previous concerts in Cairo and Abu Dhabi are being promoted alongside the concert that will be held in Israel.

BDS movement started a hashtage #Boycott_nacelle, --nacelle is the organization that is working with the band to make the concert happen--, the hashtag aims to cancel the Tel Aviv concert which will be taking place on May 9th.


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BDS is a non-violent movement, who requests to boycott Israeli goods including cancelling music acts, it aims to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

BDS shared a statement on their website: 'We urge Maroon 5 to respect the Palestinian picket line and refuse to artwash Israel’s decades-old regime of oppression, just as progressive artists once refused to play Sun City in protest against apartheid in South Africa.'

Palestinian and human rights activist Abier Khatib tweeted to urge the band to cancel their performance, 'Did you know that @maroon5 is set to perform in #Israel in a garden erected on the ruins of Palestinian village of Al-Jarisha, which was ethnically cleansed in 1948? Well, now u know. #BDS'' 

However, the American band appears to be adding an extra show in Tel Aviv, as the May 9th show tickets got sold out. 


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