Be your own Belle! Beauty and the Beast-style enchanted rose on sale in the UAE

Published March 8th, 2017 - 08:34 GMT
Emma Watson plays Belle in the upcoming film Beauty and the Beast. (
Emma Watson plays Belle in the upcoming film Beauty and the Beast. (

Okay so, let’s not even try to lie and say that Belle wasn’t your favorite Disney princess. Yes, Pocahontas had perfect hair and cool pets, Ariel was a mermaid, but none of them ladies can compare to The Beauty and the Beast’s heroine. Aside from the fact that she was smart and sophisticated, Belle was an independent woman that didn’t need no man…unless that man resembled a buffalo.

With the new trailer for the new live-action Disney classic taking over the internwebz, it’s no surprise that countless Arab women (and men) want to channel some Belle before the movie comes out. Well, UAE-based Forever Rose London have teamed up with The Walt Disney Company to bring a piece of the much-loved tale to everyone’s home around the region. When we say piece, we’re referring to the Enchanted Rose.

Via Tumblr

Yes, us Arabs can now pretend we’re Belle and strut around the street and break out into songs. The Bella Rose will cost you $299, while the Bella Mini one will cost you $199. The rose lives inside a glass dome and boasts petals that can grow five times larger and ten times thicker than regular roses. 

Via Forever Rose

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