Bella Hadid and Her Boyfriend 'Haven't Broken Up

Published August 10th, 2019 - 06:11 GMT
Bella Hadid (Twitter)
Bella Hadid (Twitter)
She wore her braided hair up, and had on a pair of sheer sandals with a platform heel.

Love is a fickle game.

And when you're a highly in-demand model like Bella Hadid, or a busy and enterprising musician like her on-again-off-again boyfriend The Weeknd, making time for one another can prove challenging.

And yet, despite reports from several outlets earlier this week that the pair had split for the second time, Bella was seen out having a grand old time in Los Angeles, California on Friday afternoon, after a source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple is indeed on again, i.e. they 'haven't broken up, but are working through things like normal couples do.'

Hadid, 22, was seen traipsing about with a friend in West Hollywood, wearing a bight yellow top that exposed her arms and midriff, paired with black trunks with an iridescent floral pattern. 

She wore her braided hair up, and had on a pair of sheer sandals with a platform heel.

Perhaps the model was in a happier mood than last time she was spotted out—looking despondent in an elevator on Tuesday—in light of the fact that her relationship may be on the mend

'The couple travels a lot, works a lot and that often creates tension,' the source said. 'However, the two love one another, have lost one another in the past and want to try and make it work. Right now they are together and working on keeping it that way.'

At one point Bella, who had her Louis Vuitton purse slung over her shoulder, appeared to ask someone over a fence to help her over, presumably to go to a friend's apartment.

Earlier, the model also posted several snaps to her Instagram documenting a trip down to Disneyland to celebrate a friend's birthday, and the mood was similarly carefree and joyous.  

In those pictures, Hadid and her friend pose in front of It's A Small World and also enjoy some ice cream sundaes. 

Bella and The Weeknd, 29, first started dating in 2015 and 2016, before spitting the first time.

However, the pair gave off the vibe of being very much in love since they rekindled things in 2018. 

The musician is currently hard at work on a new album, as he recently posted a selfie to his Twitter with the caption, 'album mode full effect.'

The day before, Bella posted her own pensive selfies to her Instagram, saying 'My vibration is only love and light ✨

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