Ben Affleck, Batman, Thinks Batman is Sophisticated

Published October 22nd, 2017 - 10:37 GMT
So sophisticated, Batman. (Warner Bros)
So sophisticated, Batman. (Warner Bros)

Ben Affleck thinks Bruce Wayne is an "asshole".

The 45-year-old actor returns as the billionaire industrialist and his vigilante alter ego Batman in the upcoming 'Justice League' movie and he and co-star Gal Gadot - who plays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman - like the way their characters' differences make them work well together.

Gal said: "I think both of them are very alpha-type. Both of them deal with their past and both of them will do everything to make a better world and fight crime and fight evil. So we share a lot in common.

"It's like yin and yang. They work well together. He has everything she doesn't, she has everything that he doesn't and they work for the same cause... She's warmer and more loving and open and he's more sophisticated."

Ben added: "Tough, but sophisticated. He's an asshole. It's total typecast."

Ben promised the upcoming ensemble blockbuster will see a return to a "classic" Batman tale, rather than the raging Caped Crusader of 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

He told SFX magazine: "This is a very different dynamic for Bruce Wayne from the first movie, where he was full of anger and resentment and a kind of irrational rage towards Superman.

"Here, he really is in the mode of your more classic Batman story, where he's more heroic, trying to save and protect people, trying to build this unit. That was a totally different thing.

"The idea that this character is trying to assemble a group and get them to work together. Because Batman is a kind of internal, dark, conflicted guy.

"So it was challenging for him to turn outward and try to get all these people to work together."

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