Bomb threats to Egyptian TV station

Published April 27th, 2012 - 05:00 GMT
Yusri Foudah and Reem Al Majid
Yusri Foudah and Reem Al Majid

A group of extremists, who call themselves “the Jihad Group to Purify the Land”, have sent a bomb threat letter to the Egyptian television station ON TV, and vowed to kidnap its presenters Yusri Foudah and Reem Al Majid. Head of the station made a complaint to a Cairo police that a letter was received from “the Jihad Group to Purify the Land” threatening to bomb the channel’s studios and building.


The group also threatened to kidnap its presenters and demanded a ransom of 20 million Egyptian pounds or the presenters would be killed. It was added that the advertising company working with the station was also threatened if they resumed their cooperation.


The group claimed that the channel encourages chaos and corruption and is manipulated by an American and Israel agenda. The letter said that the channel airs poison into people’s minds through its presenters.


According to the internet website, the demands in the letter were as follows:

  1. The channel must donate 10 million Egyptian pounds to one of the charity organizations and the donation must be publicly announced and if this demand is not met the studios and buildings belonging to the station, which are owned will be bombed.
  2. A warning is sent to the company advertising on the channel and an instance halt to any cooperation with the station or the advertising company will be severely damaged.
  3. The presenters of the programs on the station will be kidnapped and a ransom of 20 million Egyptian pounds will be demanded for their release, that is why an instance stoppage to the channel’s corrupt policy and if the demands are not met drastic measures will be taken.

The letter ended with a note saying that it is forbidden to have the usual guests on the channel that create corruption and chaos by their beliefs.




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