Bradley Cooper Explains Why He's Directing 'A Star is Born'

Published October 2nd, 2018 - 08:34 GMT
A Star is Born hits theaters on Friday (Source:  starisbornmovie / Instagram )
A Star is Born hits theaters on Friday (Source: starisbornmovie / Instagram )

Bradley Cooper likes to keep the stakes high.

The 43-year-old Philadelphia native opened up to Vanity Fair about why he's beginning his directing career with such a high-profile project in his upcoming movie with Lady Gaga, A Star is Born.

He said that friends suggested he start on a smaller scale, with TV or commercial work, as opposed to the full-fledged motion picture - which also marks Gaga's first acting appearance.

'I said, "That scares the hell out of me,"' he told the publication at the Toronto International Film Festival in a story published on Monday. 'I wouldn’t know where to put the camera.'

The A-list stalwart said he was drawn to the project artistically, which solidified his decision to go behind the camera for the first time. He said, 'You can’t control what moves you, and I wanted to tell a love story.'  

In the chat, the Limitless actor said that he, the cast and crew 'were all completely blown away' when the stars of the 1976 version of the movie, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, visited the set of his film.

Cooper said he'll 'never forget' introducing Kristofferson at the Glastonbury Music Festival last year, where the crew captured crowd footage for A Star Is Born. He said: 'The best part was I got to say, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Kris Kristofferson." And I walked off the stage as he walked on.'

In a new interview with W Magazine, Bradley discussed his longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk gave birth to their only child one week before his first ever day of directing.

He talked about that hectic period of his life as he said: 'I’d wake up and work out, followed by two hours of guitar practice and two hours of piano lessons. Lunch.

'Then Lukas Nelson [Willie’s son], my collaborator, would come over, and we’d write music for one and a half hours. I’d write the screenplay for the rest of the day.a

'Irina was pregnant, so it was kind of perfect. Lea was born a week before we started shooting.' 

Bradley also talked about how he has essentially been doubted his entire career as he explained: 'But who knows? I’ve heard it all in my career. Early on, I didn’t get a role because they said I wasn’t "f***able." 

'In the end, you have to reserve your attention for the work and not listen to anyone.'

He goes on to say that loved ones had even told him not to direct A Star Is born even saying that it would be too difficult and that he should be making his directorial debut with something 'easier.'

Cooper explained:  'Luckily, I didn’t listen. I loved that it was really, really hard to make this film. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have the same value. And that’s always been my goal: to make something, no matter how challenging, that will be remembered.'

He also opened up about his relationship with Lady Gaga (born Stefani Germanotta) as he admitted that he wasn't familiar with her music but was blown away by her performance at a cancer benefit.

Since then they have been making beautiful music together as he said: 'I’m from an Italian background, and so is she. We were immediately comfortable with each other.'

He said he believed in her as an actress while she believed in him as a musician.

Cooper said:  'I wanted there to be a meta aspect to the film, and Stefani gave me that. Also, no actress can do musically what I needed Stefani to do in 42 days of shooting: I needed plutonium. And the plutonium in A Star Is Born is Stefani’s voice.' 

A Star is Born hits theaters on Friday.

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