Dubai's El Barrio is Bringing Heavy Metal Back

Published August 14th, 2019 - 12:04 GMT
The US’s oldest death metal band arrives in Dubai
The US’s oldest death metal band arrives in Dubai

Hyatt Place Al Rigga’s El Barrio has become a usual hub for the growing heavy metal scene in Dubai. Of late, it has welcomed a string of iconic bands to stage and the latest group to take over is the United States’ oldest running death metal group, Immolation

Members Ross Dolan, Steve Shalaty and Alex Bouks are making their Dubai debut on 23 August along with Robert Vigna, who was part of the band’s original line-up. Immolation is known for mastering a complex sound, written in dissonant harmony, resulting in multi-layered tracks like ‘The Distorting Light’ and ‘Into Everlasting Fire’. This group has experimented with music since its formation in 1988, making them a force to be reckoned with in the underground death and black metal genre.

Immolation performs at El Barrio after a string of heavyweight performances by Finnish death metal group Omnium Gatherum, psychedelic rock band Antimatter and all-star heavy metal cover band Hail. 


Metal fans in Dubai, stay tuned to Dubai Calendar or download the Dubai Calendar app for more concerts at El Barrio.

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