The Budding Future of YouTube in the Middle East

Published May 9th, 2017 - 10:57 GMT
Our roundup of the best Middle Eastern Youtube stars! (shutterstock)
Our roundup of the best Middle Eastern Youtube stars! (shutterstock)

YouTube stars are fast becoming some of the most popular celebrities of the modern world, and the Middle East is no exception to this.

In fact, online content is so popular in the region that YouTube are set to open up a new headquarters in Dubai, where it hopes to provide tools and advice on how to develop content.

We've put together a list of the top 5 Arab YouTube stars for you to check out during the upcoming month of Ramadan!

  1. Hassan Al Omran

Under the YouTube handle MrMrsnb2, Hassan Al Omran is a Vlogger with over 3.7 subscribers and 360 million views. 21 year old Hassan films himself going about his daily life in Saudi Arabia, as well as challenge videos and reviews.

  1. Noor Naem

Noor Naem is also from Saudi Arabia, although based in Michigan in the US. She operates her channel under the name ‘Noor Stars’, which currently has over 3.6 million subscribers. As well as makeup reviews and ‘beauty hacks’, Noor also films challenge videos and has a whole playlist dedicated to ‘storytime’, where she lets her readers in on embarrassing and funny stories from her life.

  1. Bader Saleh

Branded as ‘The Saudi King of Comedy’, Bader Saleh’s channel ‘EyshElly’, meaning ‘What is?’ in Arabic, is renowned throughout Saudi Arabia for his video’s which highlight and narrate funny videos from around the internet.

In an interview with arabnews he states “My show is more like the YouTube police, commenting on and criticizing the silly videos on YouTube. I started doing it for fun, but now, I am pretty much serious about it,” he said.

In 2015 he he took his comedy live on stage, on a tour in the United Arab Emirates.

Eysh Elly currently has 3.2 million subscribers and 371 million views on his videos.

  1. Rayan Al Ahmari

20 year old Rayan Al Ahmari from Jeddah is the star of the channel MjrmGames. The channel has 3.2 million subscribers and 336 million views, making it the 4th most popular channel in the Middle East.

Rayan Al Ahmari describes himself as ‘Just a gamer who seeks entertainment’, which is a relatively accurate insight into what you can find on his channel.

  1. Hayla Al Ghazal

Beauty and lifestyle guru Hayla Al Ghazal is the star of her own channel ‘Hayla TV’, which currently has 3.2 million subscribers and 556 million views.


Based in Abu Dhabi, Hayla attended the American University of Dubai to study business and has also founded her own evening and bridal gown brand Hayla Couture.

These young stars are all part of a new wave of celebrity - self-made, relatable young people with a huge platform to influence. Keep an eye on these young stars, we're certainly expecting great things from them! 


 Sahar Esfandiari

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