Cairokee are bringing their voices of freedom to London!

Published February 25th, 2016 - 10:12 GMT
Cairokee have gained international attention on CNN and in Vanity Fair. (Cairokee)
Cairokee have gained international attention on CNN and in Vanity Fair. (Cairokee)

Egyptian band Cairokee will perform 3 March at London's Student Central as part of a series of events highlighting Egyptian and Sudanese musicians and organised by British event company Marsm and the charity War on Want. 

Although Cairokee was founded in 2003, eight years before the 2011 revolution, their first big success came in the post-25 January period.

Their hit single, Sowt El-Horreya (The Voice of Freedom) — written during the first 18 days of the revolution and released before former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down — took the country by storm and could be seen and heard for months on TV channels, radio stations, and even as a cell phone ringtone.

The band gained international media attention, with appearances on CNN and coverage in publications like Vanity Fair.

Their third and latest album, Sekka Shemal (An Indecent Path), features collaborations with the renowned musician Souad Massi and the late vernacular poet Ahmed Fouad Negm.

Marsm's series of concerts titled "Music from Egypt and Sudan" began in January and included shows by independent musicians Dina El-Wedidi (Egypt), the Egyptian Project (Egypt), Rasha (Sudan), Oxford Maqam (Egypt/UK) along with Alsarah and The Nubatones (Sudan/UK), who will perform 4 March.

Marsm aims to promote the rich and diverse culture of the Arab world across the UK.


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