Catch Ahmed Zaki, Ayten Amer and more in 'Sukkar Mor'

Published July 13th, 2015 - 11:44 GMT

Directed by Hani Khalife, written by Mohamed Abd El-Moaty and produced by Manz Pictures, new Egyptian feature Sukkar Mor (Bittersweet) will be released in Egypt's cinemas during Eid El-Fitr, a festival marking the end of the Ramadan month of fasting. 

The film's director of photography is Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, with music composed by Moustapha El-Halawany.

Manz Pictures released the film's trailer last week. The film stars a number of well-known Egyptian actors such as Ahmad Al-Fishawy, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Ayten Amer, Shery Adel, Nahed El Sebai, Amina Khalil, Nabil Essa, Karim Fahmy, Omar El-Saeed and Sarah Shahin.

According to Manz Pictures the film's storyline includes several characters who "witness unexpected dramatic changes due to certain incidents in their lives. Others remain the same, unchanged, no matter how difficult are the hardships they face. Some relationships may seem perfect on the surface, yet deep down this perfection may be the reason behind their failure. At the same time, some relations may seem impossible, but they last forever for illogical reasons."

Since its release on 8 July the trailer has garnered over 60,000 views on YouTube.

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