Celeb favorite Reem Acra puts bridal selfie sticks on the runway

Published October 13th, 2015 - 02:00 GMT

For those fashion-forward bridezillas who would be loathe to have anything - and we mean anything - interfere with their picture-perfect bridal look, designer Reem Acra has created the perfect accessory: A wedding-ready selfie stick.

The celebrity-beloved designer showed her latest bridal collection in New York City on October 9, and though the the dresses were traditionally romantic - with plenty of lace, tulle, satin, and embroidery - the accessories were decidedly modern.

While jewel-encrusted and tiara-topped headphones adorned the heads of every model who walked down the runway, it was one model's selfie stick - covered in glitzy rhinestones and fluffy white flowers - that really captured the attention of the shutterbugs in the front row.

And since brides are often more than willing to shell out cash for special shoes, bags, and jewelry for their fairy tale moment, it may not be such a stretch to spend a few extra bucks on a designer-decorated selfie stick, too.

Photo credit Instagram/Reem Acra

Of course, most couples hire professional photographers to document their big day, but the urge to take a few cell phone pictures with friends on the dance floor is still irresistible to many.

Photo credit AFP/Getty/Fernanda Calfat

In fact, Reem Acra's bridal gowns already set customers back thousands of dollars, with dresses ranging in price from $2,000 to $8,000.

So to those women, a few hundreds dollars extra on a selfie stick could just be the price of getting the perfect snap.

At Reem Acra's show, the cutting-edge model had her own cell phone recording video while secured on the end of the stick, capturing her entire runway walk as she smiled into the lens and at the audience.

It is unclear yet whether the bridal selfie stick will actually be available to buy or if it was just created for the show, though the brand's social media pages suggested that brides could carry them down the aisle.

Some Twitter users even suggested that the selfie stick could replace a bouquet - though most seemed to simply be bewildered that anyone would want or need such a thing at all.

AFP/Getty/Fernanda Calfat

While Reem Acra is certainly the first designer to create a nuptials-ready tech accessory like this one, she isn't actually the first to spotlight selfies at one of her shows.

At Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2016 show in Milan last month, models brought their phones out on the runway to snap pictures as they walked. The Italian label later shared the pictures on Instagram, offering fans a truly unique look at its latest collection.

Pucci, too, gave a nod to selfies in June, when the label's new creative director, Massimo Giorgetti, debuted a capsule collection featuring a selfie-stick-emblazoned print.

By Carly Stern

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