Censorship deletes six scenes for Ghada

Published February 6th, 2012 - 04:35 GMT
Ghada Abd Al Razik
Ghada Abd Al Razik

The Egyptian Censorship Committee has decided to give the green-light to the new film “Riklam,” starring Egyptian actress Ghada Abd Al Raziq, but only after six “indecent” scenes including Ghada and actress Rania Yousif are deleted.


The censorship committee made its decision after watching the final version of the film, and determined the six scenes to be inappropriate for the average viewer.


The film revolves around four women arrested for prostitution. While they are being investigated they tell the stories of their lives and how they were forced to enter the world of “Al Riklam.”


Despite its graphic nature, the censorship committee did not rate it as an adult film, since it sends a message to the general society. The film portrays young women that face hardships leading them to become prostitutes, and in turn end up in jail, destroying their future.


Head of the censorship Dr. Sayed Khatab said that some of the film’s scenes have underlying meanings, and could not be omitted because they would ruin the outcome of the story. Sayed also said that director of the film Ali Rajab was successful in creating a film about a dark world of nudity and sexuality, without making it gratuitous.


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