Check Rola Yammout's completely NAKED Picture

Published August 27th, 2019 - 10:32 GMT
Rola Yammout was subjected to an attack in comments from many followers Source rola yammout official Instagram
Rola Yammout was subjected to an attack in comments from many followers (Source: rola_yammout_official - Instagram)


Lebanese performer Rola Yammout shocked her followers after she posted a new photo to her Instagram account, in which she appeared sitting on a chair completely naked and her body covered with glitter.

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Yammout captioned the picture "Important notice: This page is a page for fashion of all kinds. The owner of the page is a mannequin and an advertising star, especially for her brand of bikini, Lingerie, babydolls @bootybikiniworld ??"

(Source: rola_yammout_official - Instagram)

The controversial persona added "As for those, who suddenly turn to the god of honor, chastity and to angels, whom we trip on their clean wings and transform suddenly to a messenger to inform me I should have faith and start praying and fasting and overwhelm me with an assortment of death and punishment in grave wishes and hope I burn in hell, die in a war or from a disease. Go find a psychiatrist or even a neurosurgeon, because brain surgery is what you need if you are even a bit like that. This goes to all who try to play the role of God Almighty, and those who suffer from jealousy, hatred and envy, and whose flesh, is very expensive."

Rola was subjected to an attack in comments from many followers, and some said she is exposing her family by exposing herself with her revealing images.

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