Is Chrishell Stause Looking for a New Relationship?

Published September 4th, 2020 - 06:18 GMT
Chrishell Stause attends the Days of Our Lives 50th Anniversary Party. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Chrishell Stause attends the Days of Our Lives 50th Anniversary Party. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Chrishell Stause is 'xcited to mingle' and find love again following her split from estranged husband Justin Hartley.

Chrishell Stause is "excited to mingle" and find love again following her divorce.

The 'Selling Sunset' star split from her estranged husband Justin Hartley late last year, and has said that whilst she's "completely single" at the moment, she's looking forward to going on dates and hopefully finding Mr. Right.

She said: "I'm completely single and because of COVID, I haven't done much mingling. I'm excited to mingle."

Chrishell, 39, also revealed she's received some flirty DMs on social media, and hinted that some of her potential suitors are celebrities.

She added: "I have to say I have had a few [DMs], yes. Yeah it's been - I don't know how to answer that, I feel so weird. But yes, that has been a nice surprise. There's a few [people you might now], but I'm not going to tell you who."

And whilst she's flattered by the messages, Chrishell says she hasn't followed up any date offers yet.
Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: "[I've responded] in a polite way, [but] I haven't taken the next step, no."

Meanwhile, Chrishell recently claimed she found out Justin was filing for divorce just 45 minutes before the news went public, and insisted he told her over text message.

She said: "I found out because he text[ed] me that we were filed. Forty-five minutes later, the world knew."

The blonde beauty also slammed Justin for making an "impulsive" decision about the future of their relationship, and claimed she didn't have time to prepare from the onslaught of questions from their fans who "want answers".

She added: "Because of the crazy way in which this went down, people want answers, and I f****** want answers. I know people are saying we were only married two years, but it's like, we were together for six years. ... In a fight, that's his go-to, you know? Like, 'I'm out, I'm out.' I hate that kind of impulsive stuff, but I always just thought, you know, that's just an issue that we work through it.

"If that's really what you wanted, there are better ways to go about [it]. I talked to him right after because I thought that must be a joke, but that was kind of the end of the communication. What am I supposed to say? What do you say after that? It's like, now I have to find a place to live. Now I have to scramble and figure this out, you know?"

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