Cloning Clooney: Nespresso suing Israeli rival over coffee ad with George lookalike

Published January 26th, 2016 - 10:11 GMT
Geroge Clooney is the face of Nespresso. (
Geroge Clooney is the face of Nespresso. (

Nespresso is suing an Israeli coffee competitor for using a look-alike of pitchman George Clooney in its commercials.

Nestle, the parent company of Nespresso, has called on the Espresso Club to pull the advertisement and pay $50,000, according to reports.

The lawsuit originally was filed in Tel Aviv Magistrate Court two years ago and Nestle lost the case. Nestle filed an appeal last week, saying the Israeli company’s ad is “misleading,” according to reports.

The Espresso Club commercial informs viewers in a disclaimer that the actor is not Clooney. It claims its ad is comedic and meant to poke fun at Nespresso.

In addition to being the face of Nespresso, Clooney serves on the company’s board of directors.

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