Countdown begins for Fairouz’s first tour around the US in the past 20 years

Published October 9th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Lebanese singe Fairouz arrived in the United States of America on the 6th of October, after receiving a special invitation from producer Yousif Harb to undergo a tour around the US, marking her first in the past 20 years. It has been revealed that an orchestra of 40 musicians has accompanied Fairouz. 


The schedule for the concerts has already been released, in which she will perform in different cities around the US starting on October 11, 2003 in Connecticut alongside her son Ziad Rahbani.  


According to the London based, Elaph the tour is sponsored by the Canadian company Planet of Performers and is expected to achieve enormous success due to the fact that the singer enjoys lots of popularity among the Arabs living around the US and people of other nationalities. 


The Lebanese annual Beit El Din Festival has come to be one of the most popular summer events that take place in the Arab world with one of the traditions acquired is a yearly performance by Faiourz, who year after year performed at the festival and usually during the last days.  


This year Fairouz held three concerts at the festival, which were marked with the usual success all of Fairouz's performances witness, but had one default causing a number of photo journalist to go into a rage and announce their banning of the festival.  


The singer had requested before the concerts that no photo journalist is to take any picture of her while she is performing and had in fact made her demand to the organizers of the festival. To the organizers dismay, the journalists expressed their disliking of such a proposal and decided that they will not take part in any of the festival's events and have called a strike on the singer.  


Noura Junbulat, one of the main organizers of the festival, previously had denied all circulating rumors regarding the elimination of Fairouz from this year's festival events. Noura said that she had purposely keeping all the details regarding Fairouz's participation alongside her son Ziad Rahbani a secret.  


Born and educated in Beirut, Fairouz began her musical career as a chorus member at the Lebanese Radio Station. In the late 1950s her talent as a singer became fully acknowledged due to her unprecedented enthusiasm and vocal superiority. Fairouz's early songs featured the singer's distinct vocal timbre and lyrics expressing romantic love and nostalgia for village life.  


By the early 1960s Fairouz was already one of the main attractions at the annual Baalbeck Festival and a celebrity not only in Lebanon but also throughout the Arab world. During most of her singing career, Fairouz was part of a three-member team that included the two Rahbani brothers. Generally, Mansour Rahbani wrote her lyrics, and the tunes were composed and arranged by his brother Assi, Fairouz's former husband. Fairouz's songs owe a great deal to the musical and poetic genius of these two Lebanese artists. – 

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