Creative Coup in the Capital of Cool: Amman is Becoming a Tourism Hotspot for Young People

Published September 25th, 2018 - 10:39 GMT
Expats and locals have collaborated and are shaping the future of the city. /Images courtesy of Jordan Tourism
Expats and locals have collaborated and are shaping the future of the city. /Images courtesy of Jordan Tourism

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Creative hubs, quaint coffee shops and a booming artistic culture.

Jordan’s capital city Amman is attracting more and more young and open-minded travelers eager to learn more about the progressive art scene in the Middle East and make meaningful connections with local people.

Amman, the capital city of the Kingdom of Jordan dates back to the Roman and Byzantine era and the city houses many ancient ruins and has deep historical roots.

While the capital city maintains tradition and ancient customs, it is also full of young energy, bursting with creativity, culture, art and food.

More young travelers are heading to Amman, eager to learn about the rich history in the region and take part in the cool and modern vibe that is beating along in the heart of the city.  

Industry experts at Tourist Jordan have seen a recent rise in young travelers visiting the region who are pleasantly surprised when they arrive in Amman finding that travelers are looking for an experience beyond the main tourist attractions and are more interested in learning about the culture through artistic expressions and personal connections.

Culture can be experienced through daily interactions with locals and through artistic interpretations seen in the thriving art and culture scene growing in Amman. 

With neighborhoods like Jabal Amman situated in one of the original seven hills of the city, the area is overflowing with youngsters, students and expats bringing a fresh vibe to the area once populated exclusively by the Jordan Elite during the early 20th century.

Just off of Rainbow Street there is Jacaranda Gallery, a gallery space committed to showcasing prints and works on paper and offering affordable pieces.

Jacaranda promotes the work of both established and newly emerging artists in the area. Rainbow street also offers many shops, cafes and of course, coffee the perfect way for locals to intermingle with tourists and create meaningful connections.

Drinking coffee in Jordan, in general, is much more meaningful as traditionally drinking coffee together is symbolic of respect and community.

This belief is still inherently upheld in the young culture, carrying an honored tradition intergenerationally in a new way.

Jabal Amman houses many more galleries and creative art spaces like Nabad Gallery, a contemporary space committed to fostering and developing the intercultural dialogue between emerging artists and the public, both locally and internationally.

Galleries like this allow young Ammanite artists to find a voice and share creative expressions creating a cultural hub of innovative and visionary artwork. Collaborative projects and shared workspaces make it easier for young artists to work and display their pieces and find their voices

 Majdoline Al-Ghazawi Al-Ghoul, owner of Dar Al-Anda gallery in Amman says “Young artists are gaining momentum through art exhibitions in private galleries and through social media tools”.

According to Al-Ghazawi Al-Ghoul, “We lack the awareness of the importance of art in school curriculums and art competitions and although we are going through hard times in the region, life and culture continue”.

Founded in 1998, Dar Al-Anda gallery has continually been recognized in the region as a pivotal establishment of fine arts.

The hip and cerebral area of Jabal Al Weibdeh is a hub of creative and intellectual thinkers known both in the past and present as a left-wing locale, bringing together scholarly writers and artists.

The area is filled with creative spaces likeBooks@cafe , a hybrid bookstore and cafe encouraging personal interaction and discussion of literature and galleries showcasing the forward-thinking artistic expressions of young Jordanian artists and writers in the region.

These young artists are finding their voices and creating connections through contemporary art installations seen in the graffiti marking the streets, expressing both the harsh realities of the region and the underlying strength and beauty in change.

The downtown district of Amman which is centrally situated between both Jabal Amman and Jabal AL Weibdeh is the soul of the city and the where the capital of cool finds its authentically unique identity.

The downtown area maintains its appearance relatively untouched by surrounding gentrification and urbanization of the city.

The juxtaposition of original building structures carry the ambience of the past and help maintain the charm and classic vibe of the city.

From graffiti mural-covered walls, communal work hubs, creative gallery and art spaces to artisanal bakeries, coffee shops and organic markets, the youth in Amman are creating their own vibe and feel of the city.

Expats and locals have collaborated and are shaping the future of the city, cultivating a welcoming and modern feel, while preserving the past in a meaningful way.

As more young travelers prepare to head to the Middle East they are sure to be impressed by the eclectic, diverse and progressive art and culture embedded in the authentic and warm welcoming spirit of Jordanian people.

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