Wrapped up & ready for show: Cyrine Abdelnour completes filming "Without Limits"

Published March 6th, 2014 - 07:22 GMT

Lebanese singer and actress Cyrine Abdelnour has finally finished filming her upcoming reality TV show “Bila Hudood” (Without Limits). The show was filmed all over the world, while the final scenes took place in Italy, before the starlet returned back to her hometown Beirut.

The humanitarian show was directed by Baha Khadaj, and was filmed between various Arab and European countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Paris and Italy) and is based on doing humanitarian work.

According to Laha Magazine, the show is composed of 26 episodes dealing with hunger, violence, grief, aid and laughter. The TV show gives visibility to humanitarian aid and the efforts being made to feed and house those stricken by poverty and grief.

Speaking of her experience filming this show, Cyrine said: “I  witnessed a reality I never thought existed, and always thought it was merely an illusion depicted in films.” "I faced and felt the sufferings of many people who are less fortunate and struggling to survive,” she added.

Cyrine visited the Al Za’tari refugee camp in Jordan, the biggest camp for Syrian rfugees fleeing the civil war, such a step had put her in juxtaposition to the internationally known star Angelina Jolie, known for her selfless humanitarian work and generous charity donations. However, the difference between Cyrine’visit to the camp and Angelina’s is that Cyrine did not go as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. 

A release date has not yet been revealed, but we know that it will be in the very near future.

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