Suffering Syrians getting aid for a song: David Guetta becomes humanitarian

Published November 24th, 2013 - 05:58 GMT
David Guetta's "The World Need More..." campaign
David Guetta's "The World Need More..." campaign

Legendary DJ David Guetta is mixing it with the United Nations and hopes to inspire fans to donate money for humanitarian relief around the world simply by tweeting.

The 46-year-old French DJ and producer has gone into partnership with the UN with his new song ‘One Voice’, as part of a global humanitarian aid campaign.

He is aiming to raise awareness for the ‘The World Needs More…’ campaign.

Fans can trigger $1 donations by choosing a word to finish the sentence, “The

world needs more…” and tweeting #worldneedsmore# #yourword#.

Guetta is backing the word ‘love’. Fans can also donate $1 by sending a text, with details available on the campaign’s website.

Guetta said: “This is big for me. People don’t realise how much the UN is just giving food to people that are hungry and water to people who need water to survive, and just helping people in crisis everywhere in the world.

“If you watch the news, you see more of the political aspect of it.”

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